Blue Zucchini Starters

10 Person Minimum

Hummus Tray

$45.00 Serves 10-12
Our famous and traditional humus. Served with pita bread and carrots.

Fresh Veggie Tray

$40.00 Serves 10-12
Traditional tray of fresh seasonal vegetables served with ranch dressing.

Baba Ganoush Tray

$55.00 Serves 10-12
Traditional eggplant dip served with pita bread and carrots.

Southwest Eggroll Tray

Traditional eggroll wrapper stuffed with chicken, black beans and Monterrey-Jack cheese.

Middle Eastern Sampler

$55.00 Serves 10-12
Hummus, veggie stuffed Grapeleaves, Tabbouleh served with pita bread and carrots.

Fried Zucchini Tray

Tender fresh zucchini breaded and fried to a crisp. Served with marinara sauce.

Spanikapita Tray

$55.00 Serves 10-12
Warm phyllo dough wrapped around spinach and feta.

Middle Eastern Spinach and Cheese Pies

$55.00 Serves 10-12
Traditional Pies made in our scratch kitchen with sautéed spinach and onions or cheese or a combination of both.

Chicken Satay

Fresh chicken breast in peanut sauce.

Nacho Dip

$55.00 Serves 10-12
Refried beans layered with lettuce, tomato, casa, black olives, shredded cheese served with tortilla chips.

Chicken Quesadilla

Flour Tortilla stuffed with chicken, cheese, and spices served with salsa.

Queso Blanco Dip

$40.00 Serves 10-12
Mexican white cheese dip served with tortilla chips.

Crab Rangoon

Deep fried dumplings filled with crab and cream cheese wrapped inside a golden brown wonton wrapper.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

$40.00 Serves 10-12
Fresh Spinach and artichokes in a creamy dip, served with toasted pita chips.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable spring rolls are made with fresh vegetables wrapped in a delicate, crispy wrapper.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

$40.00 Serves 10-12
Creamy and spicy dip loaded with shredded chicken and served with tortilla chips.

Cheese Sticks

Fresh Mozzarella breaded and fried to a golden brown, served with marinara sauce.


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